python lsm-db

Fast Python bindings for SQLite’s LSM key/value store. The LSM storage engine was initially written as part of the experimental SQLite4 rewrite (now abandoned). More recently, the LSM source code was moved into the SQLite3 source tree and has seen some improvements and fixes. This project uses the LSM code from the SQLite3 source tree.


  • Embedded zero-conf database.

  • Keys support in-order traversal using cursors.

  • Transactional (including nested transactions).

  • Single writer/multiple reader MVCC based transactional concurrency model.

  • On-disk database stored in a single file.

  • Data is durable in the face of application or power failure.

  • Thread-safe.

  • Python 2.x and 3.x.


  • Not tested on Windoze.

The source for Python lsm-db is hosted on GitHub.


If you encounter any bugs in the library, please open an issue, including a description of the bug and any related traceback.


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